About IGMT

For over 50 years, IGMT has been developing mid-level managers across all jurisdictions of government. The program provides an exceptional opportunity to develop creative solutions to complex problems, improve critical thinking skills, and learn innovative management techniques. Participants plan the program sessions with the guidance of the IGMT staff and each session is focused on active adult learning around current intergovernmental issues.


The IGMT Program is held at the San Damiano Retreat Center in Danville, California. The program consists of six, 2-day, live-in sessions over a 9 to 10 month period. In addition, participants are obligated to contribute time to their planning committee assignments for seminar structuring and management.
Each of the program sessions are based on topics selected by the participants and may include lectures, role-playing, group discussions, debates, simulations, informal exchanges and panel presentations. In addition, these sessions may involve current and past officials in all types of government jurisdictions/functions, private sector officials with specific expertise and others to enrich the sessions and stimulate valuable conversation. As part of this, participants are encouraged to think critically and develop creative approaches to challenging problems.

Purpose and Objectives

  • Bring together promising governmental middle management administrators and professionals.
  • Discuss and exchange diverse viewpoints on government practices and techniques.
  • Clarify shared prejudices and preconceptions about the various sectors of government (city, county, state, federal, special districts), facilitate communication among administrators and develop an understanding of problems encountered by other governmental jurisdictions.
  • Develop concrete management knowledge and skills that have immediate applicability in the workplace.
  • Develop valuable ongoing contacts among program participants to facilitate effective and efficient intergovernmental relations.
  • Develop an understanding of the relationships between the public and private sectors.
  • Strengthen leadership capabilities in government.


Nominees should have a minimum of three years experience, and no more than 10 in a management/supervisory position. More than one nomination may be submitted by an organization. However, preference will be given to nominees representing the widest range of organizations and diversity in the workforce. This is an Equal Opportunity professional development program.